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I thought the balls commercial was awesome… but THIS is so damn ingenious. Thanks again, Dooce.

catching up?

catching up?

“Sister, my friend sent me a link today. Do you know the one with all the movies and tv shows on it you can watch? For free? Like tonnes of movies?” “Hmm…”, I said, thinking for a second. “Well, what’s the link, dood?” “Google for TV Links and it’s #1.” And TV Links is what [...]

tv time

What’s on tonight, folks? Well, we got The Office newpeat (an hour of repeats cut with deleted scenes and special extras, oh yeah). We got your brand new episode of everyone’s beloved show, Grey’s Anatomy, fresh off post-sweeps hiatus (what a shock to the system that withdrawal is and also oh. my. gosh.) Then we [...]


Yep, my birthday is tomorrow (ack!) and aside from the potentially embarrassing, but secretely wonderful act of receiving birthday gifts, there’s not much that’s cool about turning 32 (double ack!). Last year, my birthday was a shitshow. The one person who was supposed to treat me like a Princess was… not present and available. This [...]

From Zero to Hero…

The original concept for the show Heroes…

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