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CPR’s 2007 Holiday Train

CPR’s 2007 Holiday Train

  For the past 8 years, CPR’s Holiday Train program has been raising awareness and helping to raise over $3 million dollars and over 1.5 million pounds of food for Food Banks across Canada and the US. With visits to more than 100 communities, Wide Mouth Mason and Melanie Doane are already well on their [...]

i gotcha!

[Phew] I spent the better part of today wrangling with some code for a very fabulous blogger friend’s new site. I can’t tell you who, though, and I can’t reveal the site until all is well with it (which will be very very soon). But I can say that the very special blogger is moving [...]

a quick review

Can I just say something? I downloaded this and it’s freaking awesome. A huge improvement in my books. There was a bit of copy and pasting with the tags, but, at the end, it gives you one last opportunity to make a final edit, as a batch, so I guess that’s another option too.

Facebook To Drop ‘Is’ From Status Updates

Christina is… Christina wants… Christina cares about… Christina thinks… Christina can… Christina heard… Christina loves… Christina is… Yay! There’s a more versatile Facebook World coming to us shortly.

How NetChick found her biological family – Through Facebook!

“What astounded me, literally, during this whole amazing adventure, was how incredible these people are! Every single one of them has welcomed me with open arms…” – Read It!

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