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so, why am I crying?

While blotting the tears from my frustrated eyes, I was inspired to write this Haiku. Computers Are Dumb. I hate them and I love them. They’re like men but worse. I am not a poet; it just seems right that I vent my displeasure to you before my head hits the pillow. It was a [...]

what is this normal that you speak of?

Courtesy of Doug and his quick thinking, a replacement hard drive spent the night on an overnight Greyhoud Bus and has now arrived in Nelson. Now to install it and reinstall all my software so I can return to some sort of normalcy. Wait a minute, it’s been a while since I have been normal…

damn this black heart…

So, just like my favorite hangout back in Edmonton up and closing without nary a day’s notice… my four year old laptop’s precious hard drive decided today was the day to die (yes, I AM being a drama queen, but it’s for everyone’s benefit). Her heart gave out and she has gone. It was a [...]

it’s the little things…

There are many things to be happy about today, but I will let you in on two of them right now. Firstly, my Ctrl button has magically returned to me. This whole thing was a valuable lesson for me. My biggest piece of advice is… take care of your control button on your keyboard. Treasure [...]

scaring me…

Right this moment, on my computer, I have my email client open, my Windows Messenger window open, a chat window open with Doug, my BlogBridge window open, my Firefox window open and my iTunes window open. I spend a lot of my day switching around from window to window, each of them functional in their [...]

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