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top five epiphanies as of late…

- The Try! album, by John Mayer Trio is an amazing album and should be heard by all. – Rush, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who and other classic rock bands DO MATTER. – Thai food is really yummy. I have no idea the names of what I ate, but it was good. – All-season tires [...]

Top Five: sexy man / unsexy man…

Tiko told me once long ago to make a list of what I look for in a man and when dating someone to make sure that I stick to the list, lest I be dissappointed in the end or settle for someone wrong for me. I took her very literally because I like to make [...]

Top Five: fun times…

Top Five Fun Times I Had This Weekend… – the peaceful moment on the boat with Mr. Grin and the birds chirping and the mountains and the gentle rocking of the boat and the sun shining and the thought that my move was completely worth it just for that moment only. – serving very expensive [...]

in a box..

I know, I know. I’d apologize for the lack of updates again, but I don’t really have an excuse so there’s no point. I HAVE been busy, though; working, moving, unpacking, settling in, doing last minute ad submissions, surfing ebay… I only just had the time to hook my computer up to The InnerNet last [...]

Top Fives…

Click on a list to expand… Music Related Lists… Top Five Rush Songs 01. Time Stand Still 02. Fly By Night 03. Freewill 04. Red Barchetta 05. Spirit Of Radio Top Five Led Zeppelin Songs 01. Tangerine 02. What Is and What Should Never Be 03. The Battle of Evermore 04. Over The Hills and [...]

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