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Life is Good at the Beach

Out with the old… in with the new. That’s right, BeachMama has got herself some new digs. The site was actually in the making a long time ago, but BeachMama had go ahead and have her baby and then we had some import issues and then the countdown to Christmas came. Well, you get the [...]



This was my Christmas present to Roz for Christmas this year. A re-touched photos of her mother in her youth, printed and framed.

taking care of business

I absolutely love the morning routine. Turn computer on. Open the blinds. Open email. Open browser. Make coffee. I love it when my email comes in. Someone has wrote to me on Facebook. Someone has posted on my wall. Someone has nudged me for Scrabulous. My browser loads up and I’m ready for the world. [...]

ornaments and what-not

Some people have already put their Christmas Trees up, like Anna and Angella. And Meg and her roommate had so much fun putting their’s up in November that they just had to redecorate it for December. I don’t have a Christmas Tree (boohoo), but I’m going to put a few decorations up soon. Fortunately, I [...]

feeling the love

Meg asks… Things YOU Love: Song you love: Radiation Ruling The Nation by Massive Attack Food you love: Fried Egg Sandwiches (my way) Thing you love to look at: My monitor Sound you love: Sleepy man’s voice in the morning. Thing you love to laugh at: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Gadget you love: My Wacom [...]

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