The Principle Players…

Tina – Also known as reddirtroad. I’m a Mum and a wife and a Canadian living in the United States. I was a blogger for years (since the beginning) and then I just stopped. I’ve tried to start again a few times, but everyone was on Social Media and it seemed easier to post about my life there (the usual story). So I’m on Facebook (more) and Instagram (less). BUT, since we’re cooped up in the house with COVID-19 running rampant I decided to resurrect the old clunker, like a rusty old VeeDub and start speaking my mind. I know, everyone is happy about that. I like frogs, blogs, boating, floating, canines, felines, music, lyrics, books, cooks, movies, cookies, guitars, stars, drums, puns, rhyming, flying and the beach in reach. You can read more about me here.

Hubs – My very smart, very determined, very handsome husband. He’s my everything.

The Boy – The best version of me is captured in my son. He’s simply my biggest accomplishment in life.

Sassy – Our small and mighty dog. I thought it was time to get The Boy a dog and she’s been our little love since the day I brought her home.

Siena – Our miniature poodle. She came with the husband and is our little princess.

Family Mentionables…

Teege – Teege is one of my brothers and will always be the light of my life.

The Butcher – This is my other brother. It’s an odd name, but it was his stage name when he was a semi-professional kickboxer.

Mum – She’s my hero, my best friend and she’s wonderful.

Earnest – My Mum’s ex-husband and my ex-step-dad.

Dad – My Father and I have been apart more years that we had been together, but I still think back to times when he was my everything.

Athena – My step-mother; a real life old-time hippie who once showed me her hash ring.

Lord Stanley – The coolest cat ever to walk the earth. He hated the outdoors, but one day got out and never came back. I miss him still nearly every single day.

Lady Friends…

Marlow –

Jo – 

Roz – She’s both my opposite and my same.

Ranger – She’s unexpectedly the coolest chick.

Banana – She’s tough with a lot of spunk.

Tiko – One of my longest best friends.

Spark – My favourite ex-boyfriend.

Windy – My longest running friend.

MooShoo – The kindest and most gentlest person I know.

Zenny – She’s my cousin, but not really.

Gentlemen Friends…

Doug – He was my IT Guy, my IM Guy and my own personal DJ.

Ike – He was my teacher, once, then became a very good friend. We both like hot wings.

Blog Friends

Since I started blogging in 2003 there’s been many blogs that have come and gone. Some of my favourites are listed here and are still blogging, so you should go read their stuff too.

Shar – Longtime Blogger Chick. [Sharbean]
Leah – Californian Counterpart. [A Girl and a Boy]
Angella – Mommy Blogger Photographer. [DutchBlitz]
Amanda – Kicky and Kind at the same time. [Kicky Boots]
Meg – Sisters from a previous life, sometimes I think. [Meg Fowler]
Tanya – Fellow Geekess. [NetChick]
SAJ – Inspiring Illustrator. [Secret Agent Josephine]
Anna – Gorgeous and makes writing look easy. [Anna Begins]
Beach Mama – Beautiful Mommy Blogger. [Beach Mama]
Dooce – Fired for her blog. [Dooce]
The Bloggess – The Queen of Dark Humour. [The Bloggess]

Otherwise Mentioned…

DH – The Boy’s biological father.
– An ex who messed with my head and heart. No grudge held and I hope he’s well.
Toogie – An ex I nearly married once. It wouldn’t have worked, we both knew it, we have long since moved on.
Passa – An ex who still has my dog.
AyAyRon – One of the “good ones” left. Wait, scratch that. He’s been scooped.
Miss Istie – She’s pretty.
Loser – A friend indeed to a friend in need.
RoadRacer – My motorcycle driver.
Mingus – He’s a raving poet. An enigma.
Jack – My South African Golf Pro Roommate.
Gringo – Hamburger Seller Extraordinaire.

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