(a work in progress.)
(me, not the list.)
(well, the list too then, i guess.)

  1. I am a Citified Hippie.
  2. I grew up in the city, but my heart is small town.
  3. I used to live in Nelson, BC, where all the hippies live in peace.
  4. I am from a pretty famous Polish farmer family in Small Town, Sask.
  5. I don’t eat Onions, but I am OK with shallots, if I have to be.
  6. I like Cheesecake; Strawberry or Blueberry.
  7. A Joni Mitchell song – California – was the inspiration for this site.
  8. I love all kinds of music.
  9. I always have music playing all the time around me.
  10. I used to fall asleep hugging a old radio I had.
  11. I used to design websites for money.
  12. I would like to retouch magazine ads (my dream job).
  13. My Great Gramma lived to 98.
  14. The rest of my family has escaped death several times.
  15. I have never broken any bones. (kow)
  16. I love making Top Five Lists.
  17. I love making Any List for that matter.
  18. I have two brothers.
  19. I’m 18 1/2 years older than Teege.
  20. I’m 4 1/2 years older than The Butcher.
  21. My Mum is the oldest in her Generation.
  22. I am the oldest in my Generation.
  23. My Grandparents had 9 kids. Read: I have 8 Aunts and uncles on my Mum’s side.
  24. My Mum lives in the Forest.
  25. I hated watching TV, but there are some shows one needs to watch.
  26. I love Frogs.
  27. I love God.
  28. I love Earth.
  29. I love coffee.
  30. I have bad eating habits, in the sense that I sometimes don’t eat at all.
  31. I read a lot of books and I read fast.
  32. I play Sudoku like it’s going out of style.
  33. My teddy bear’s name is Murray.
  34. My car’s name is Sivvie.
  35. I’ve traded in my Coca Cola addiction for a Ginger-Ale consumption issue.
  36. I love to see live bands.
  37. My first concert was an Alice Cooper concert when I was 12.
  38. I’ve seen him twice, in fact.
  39. When I was younger I was a Stampede Wrestling fan.
  40. I’ve never met my father’s father.
  41. I didn’t know my father’s mother very well either.
  42. I love accessories. Purses, Sunglasses, Shoes…
  43. I love Scarves, Toques, Gloves, Shoes….
  44. I prefer black over white.
  45. I prefer red licorice over black licorice.
  46. I prefer pc over mac.
  47. I love my cat something fierce.
  48. His name is Mr. Sir Lord Stanley Nugget.
  49. I like rain and thunderstorms, but I love the sun.
  50. I like to suntan in the buff.
  51. I would love to own my own motorcycle.
  52. I own several sarongs and wear them all the time in the summer.
  53. I like smooth peanut butter, not crunchy.
  54. I like raspberry jam.
  55. I’d like to have some birds; finches to be exact.
  56. I like to do the driving.
  57. I need to do the dj-ing in the car.
  58. I have a digital camera and take pictures all the time.
  59. Some of my pictures are actually good… I think..
  60. I should drink more water on a daily basis.
  61. If I’m alone, I sleep with a hot water bottle or my cat to keep me warm.
  62. My little brother Teege types faster than me.
  63. I can type pretty fast, but I still look at the keyboard sometimes.
  64. I can knit and sew.
  65. I have my tongue pierced.
  66. I have my ears pierced.
  67. My right ear piercing is slightly lower than my left.
  68. I have a tattoo on my lower back.
  69. I’d like to get another tattoo sometime.
  70. I can easily fall asleep in the shower.
  71. I like my showers hot and steamy, like my men.
  72. I hate weather colder than minus 10C.
  73. I love gum.
  74. I love candles and incense.
  75. My alarm clock is of the ringy-dingy bell wind-up kind.
  76. It is loud enough to wake me up, but…
  77. I practically have to be pulled or pushed out of bed to stay awake.
  78. I read in bed, or play Sudoku.
  79. When I was five, I was bit on the nose by a huge German Shepherd dog.
  80. My nickname after that was… Scabby Nosed Kid.
  81. I am not scared of big dogs. I love dogs, in fact.
  82. I miss having my own dog.
  83. When I was three, I put my entire hand around a hot curling iron.
  84. Thankfully, my hair doesn’t take a curling iron well.
  85. I still have my ‘three diamond legs’.
  86. I have my children’s names picked out already.
  87. I just need to get pregnant first.
  88. I am a true Pisces to the core.
  89. I have eight notebooks going right now.
  90. I can iron a great shirt.
  91. I enjoy raking leaves and I’m alright with mowing the lawn.
  92. I golf.
  93. I bake.
  94. I paint my toenails often.
  95. I love a good back scratch.
  96. I have a wooden back scratcher in case no one is around.
  97. When I was 14, I was diagnosed with ITP, an autoimmune blood disorder.
  98. I blame my spleen. So did my doctors. They’ll remove it if my ITP comes back.
  99. I get platelet counts every six months just to be sure I’m still alright.
  100. At first the doctors didn’t know what I had.
  101. I was almost diagnosed with Leukemia and had a Bone Marrow Test.
  102. My hip still hurts when you press on it from where they tested.
  103. My favorite birthday was my 11th so 11 is my favorite number.
  104. I am a practical, organized, neat and resourceful woman.
  105. I am a good listener.
  106. I like to label things
  107. I love Post-Its.
  108. I have a dry sense of humour and can be very sarcastic and witty at times.
  109. I dance and sing when I’m by myself, even in the car.
  110. I still get carded all the time.
  111. My parents split when I was 13 and they are both remarried now.
  112. I was diagnosed with viral hyperthyroiditis.
  113. I went hypothyroid so did ablation.
  114. I love to be spoiled.

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