I started this site way back in 2002 as a way for friends and family to get a hold of me and to keep up with the craziness that my world is. Since it’s inception I have moved several times, I have loved and I have lost and I’ve discovered countless new things about myself in this crazy world. I’ve been pretty messed up at times, so this blog is definitely a work in progress, just like me.

Just when I thought that my blog meant everything to me, I got the most precious bundle of joy that is my son and suddenly nothing else mattered but Grayson and the moments I spent with him.

So I actually shut this blog down for a few years. I found I would rather chase my child around instead of sitting at my computer and since the most I could spare was 2 minutes at a time to pop onto Facebook that’s where I began to spend my stolen Internet Moments. Unfortunately, the birth of my son isn’t recorded here. Nor is the struggle I had in the beginning of adapting to single motherhood. But I’ll see if I can pull some of it off Facebook. Where DID the last few years of my life go?? Facebook knows…

Why am I starting up the blog again? Because recently I have realized, looking at my “feed” that I spend more time sharing stuff that’s already on Facebook, so now I’m going back to my roots. My blog. Time to create my own content again.

I’m a freelance web/graphic/print designer, living in beautiful Nelson, BC. You can view my on-going company portfolio for more information on my work.

When I started this site, I had the popular “100 Things About Me” list. But the list grew, so now it’s just “a list of things about me“. *

If there’s one thing I like more than anything a lot of things, it’s coffee. Here’s the link to buy me a coffee on my Starbucks Card. I’ll think of you while sipping on an Americano, I promise.

* This is an old list and it’s on the housekeeping list.

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