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Happy 45th Birthday! Here’s a global pandemic!

So… like the entire rest of the world, we don’t want to get sick. We’ve been social distancing, physical distancing and self-isolating ourselves all over our house since Saturday March 14th, 2020. It is now currently March 28th and it’s been a strange change of pace to adapt to. I told you how I really really like my Saturday Lazy Days, but this is going to the extreme. Day after Day.

My actual birthday day (March 12) was fantastic. It was a fine day indeed, one of the last normal days of our life before the rest of the world went crazy over toilet paper, the economy tanked and I became a home school teacher to my child. All things I didn’t know I wanted for my 45th year on this planet. We had the guys working in the office that week and we went out for lunch. Hubs and The Boy got me a massage chair pad which works wonders on my back and neck AND a foot massager which is just about as heavenly as things get in this house. Yes, there’s a theme here. I’m pretty much walking around all day with a wicked headache and horrible neck pain and tight tense shoulders because of it so the massagers help immensely. And little did they know how much I would get to use them in the days after my birthday. Good thinking, guys! (I promise to share, I swear!)

While things were ramping up with COVID-19 outbreak we decided to plan a party for my birthday and invite a few friends over. Man, I love a good house party. I love hosting and seeing my friends and seeing my friends meet and catch up. I sent invites out to everyone we know here and guess what, nearly everyone responded with a yes. All of a sudden, we had nearly 20 adults and 9 kids coming and what are we going to do with everyone? We decided to get caterers in because there was no way we would have time to prepare food for all of our guests.

We had a local craft taco company come in and set up in our kitchen. Beans and gourmet tacos and Spanish rice (we had leftovers for days and days and had to freeze much of it.) Our guests loved it and it turned out to be the last social gathering we would have before our world began to shut down here.

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