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So. I am lazy, guys.

My absolute favourite way to start my mornings is to wake up with nothing to do. Not exactly the best way, not exactly the most productive, but it’s my favourite way, by far.

I usually take one day a weekend to do this. Usually Saturdays, sometimes Sundays, depending on the schedule. Sometimes Hubs is hiking, sometimes The Boy has a sport to get to. Sometimes we go to the Farmer’s Market. But usually one day a weekend is my “lay around in bed” time. And my lazing around has spilled into my weekdays too, making mornings a madhouse of perpetual lateness because Mummy was to lazy to get her shit together.

The boy caught on to this, I think. The very next day after school ended in June, he decided he wanted to be a gamer and a YouTuber. (I wrote that and I see no squiggly line, so it must be a word). He spent the entire summer gaming: Minecraft, ROBLOX, Fortnite. And I f he wasn’t playing, he was watching people on YouTube playing: Minecraft, ROBLOX, Fortnite.

So I decided to join him because, well, games are fun, and kids need supervision and all that. Amiright?

Anyhoo, he started gaming, which I loved because it allowed me to capitalize on my favourite morning ritual. You see where I am going with this?

Then, we went back to Canada, did a bunch of things, went a few places, then rushed back a few days before school started on Aug 27th?!? And I knew I had to tone it down and start getting out of bed and yanking The Boy off the computer and preparing him for “the real world” again.

So I created a list of things he needs to do before he can get screen time, complete with additional items that will add additional time for him, as a bonus and something to work with. I made this list in his Trello Board, something we instituted last school year for homeworks and things to do. We use Trello at work and it has done wonders for our workflow.

So far it’s working fabulously. When he comes home from school, he checks Trello and checks off things he has done before he can have his hour of screen time.

“Walk a dog” (he rotates the girls like clockwork)

“Empty dishwasher” (he does the things he can reach easily for now.)

”Homework” (a give-in, I know)

So now, The Boy is organized, we have fairly good rituals down during the weekdays and weekday evenings. And I also decided I needed a change, too.

No more laying around in the morning until the last minute, then rushing off to get the day going. I’m aiming to get up and getting ready before anyone else. I have to be awake to take my Thyroid pill anyways, so I cut my weekday morning “laze around”to 15 minutes, then get at ‘er. I aim to get the bed made everyday. I aim to go to bed with a clean kitchen so I don’t have to do dishes first thing. (Because I can’t find the stove or use the frying pan I want to because it’s still dirty from the night before).

Its amazing how making a little change like that has helped my point of view on our mornings.

Its a win-win.


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