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Facebook stole my blog…

Hey Folks! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Is there anybody out there?

A couple posts and many years back, I said the blog was back. Then I posted a few times and life got busy and, well, you don’t know the rest unless you follow me on FB or Twitter or just recently again, Instagram.

The problem is, there are too many outlets nowadays and everyone started saying things in short character limiting posts to the Internet. Or not. Pictures have replaced thoughts. People, including myself, have become way to complacent in using the Share button or retweet link to share articles and memes and videos to show what they want to say, as if agreeing with it means sharing it. I got caught up in it all too. I know what you believe in and agree with, where your loyalties lay, not by you telling me, but by what you have shared. I hop on FB in the morning to see what people are up to and am confused because it’s mostly just shares. People are up to sharing, but not their real thoughts. And when something cool happens or I want to share my life with those I know, I used FB as my short blog. There became no need for the long blog. Guilty.

But frankly, I’m tired of it. I have no true outlet and I feel that even if I did say something, it would be lost in the fold of left-wings or right-wings. The heart is gone. the body, if you will, has flown the coop and all we are left with is wings. I’m tired of just hitting the Share button, or re-posting something with the words “Agreed” or “True Story, that.”

The facts are: my life has changed so much in the past 5 years, that I don’t recognize myself anymore. I don’t take pictures anymore, unless it’s with my iPhone. I don’t blog anymore and say what I really want to say. I don’t live where I used to live, I don’t even live in the same county as I did before. I work on my business with my husband and a few great workhorses we have hired along the way. I am raising a child into a man, or trying to, and making a crap-load of mistakes along the way, I’m sure, none of which I hope have long-term lasting effects on his character or personality. I try to be a wife, which is always a work in progress since it’s a new endeavor for me, this married life thing.

But, my original thought? It’s gone. And I hope to get it back. It’s the one thing we do have, our word. Or words. And I wonder if we can get back to using them. Some may say that the blog died, but I prefer to think of it as Facebook has stolen blogging. And maybe it has. But that doesn’t mean we can’t steal it back, or at least begin to get a bit more real with ourselves.

I kept this blog up throughout the years, thankfully. And I have been thinking about it lately, languishing with such a decrepit old date as it’s last post. 6 whole years have gone by! So I redesigned it today with a pretty nice theme, cause who has time for that anymore, and here I am.

Not sure if anyone even listens anymore, but whatever. Maybe eventually, you will once again.

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