Inspiring The Boy


I doubt I will ever bungee jump off of anything. It’s just not my thing. But just because that may not be my thing, doesn’t mean that my son shouldn’t be exposed to everything that is cool out there in the world. He’s 3.25 years. Who knows what he’s gonna be when he grows up.

We live in a mountainous city 20 minutes from a beautiful ski hill and I don’t ski. And just because I don’t ski, doesn’t mean that The Boy won’t ski. I’ll shuttle him up and get cozy in the lodge and probably do the bunny hill and green run ¬†as much as I can. Then all of a sudden he’ll be 14 and preferring to go up with friends. Then maybe he’ll be 18 and competing at provincial or national levels in ski jumping. And I’ll wonder where he got the talent from but I’ll take comfort in the idea that I sparked the idea in him at some point and taught him to be resilient and tenacious and cautious and sure of himself.

We watched this video today, because I thought it was fantastic and inspiring and because being a single mother, I’m not opposed to using YouTube to show my son the world. Then he wanted to watched it again and then a third time.

*Edited to scratch out that last part. Unfortunately, the video is gone.

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