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I love spring, but not this part of spring. This end-of-winter spring really gets me down when all it does is rain and rain and rain. But today at 6pm, the clouds blew away and we had about 45 minutes left of sun before it went behind the mountain for the evening.

Of course we were eating supper at the time, so the rush was on to get out of the house and into the Vitamin D. And when I say rush, I mean, pick up the speed to resemble more hedgehog than turtle (cause that’s how fast The Boy moves when I want him to move it.)

Anyway, we made it with about 8 minutes left of pure glorious sunshine. We grabbed the bike and walked to the store. This is about the 5th time he’s rode but he’s getting much better every time.

I think of how his little legs must work hard to coordinate the motion of peddling, and how tired they must feel after going a block. I think about how he couldn’t do anything but cry the day he was born and I think about how much he’s learned and how much I have taught him and how well I taught him and how much more he needs to learn. Not only how to look both ways when he crosses the street and not only how to take the ramps at the sidewalks, but how to navigate this crazy world I brought him into.




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  1. He is so big. SO BIG.

    (Unrelated: Thanks to Reader for letting me know you’d posted.)

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