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The blog is back.

That’s right! I’m back.

I finally found a previous backup of my old site hidden deep in the myriad of nested folders and external hard drives that is my computer. I only have April 2008 and back, so I have a lot of work to do. I’m mildly upset that the birth of my son isn’t documented here, but then again I really wasn’t posting much at that point in my life. Is there anyways to import from Facebook? I’ll have to look into that.

When I did the database import, I lost the site for a bit until I could figure out how to get into admin. This export I had from 2008 was done before you could export at the touch of a button through WordPress. So I had to go through the backend and import that way. It replaced the new user I had made when I set up the new site, and uninstalled the theme I am using (and the customizations I had done already.)

I’m going to go through much of my archives and cull the crap out of it. Gives me something to do in the evenings instead of totally killing my brain cells watching TV. There’s so much there, from a different time in my life. 1,300 posts. Time to say goodbye to much of it and move on to better things. My life is infinitely better now and I should embrace that.

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