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Snow Snow Snow


It snowed. Again.

I’ve got to tell you… I’m about done with this silly winter that we’ve had. One day it’s nice out, the next it’s snowing or it’s rain/snowing or it’s snow/raining out. And it’s APRIL, come on now.

I’m looking at trading my car in for something else a bit safer to drive for me. My car is at the end of it’s payments, but there’s a balloon payment at the end. I’ve had this car for 5 years, about 3.5 years too long since it’s pretty much crap here in the winters. I need a nice 4×4 or AWD to get up and down these hills and through all this snow so it’s about time I get something new (to me).

If it would only stop snowing!

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  1. We are finally having a Spring day!! It started with lots of rain, but it is +12 and sunny right now, I am so happy with the back door open, watching and listening to the snow melt.

    Hope you find a good fun 4×4 for you. Our last two cars were ‘new to us’. We still have the first one, it is now 10 years old and our newer one is four years. But we love it :).

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