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Lemon CakeSo. 29 again, eh?

There was no inter-office cake today at work (thank the loving Baby Jesus because he knows I’m afraid of fruit/chocolate cake) and two of my bosses were out of town for most of the day so the third boss took me and my bestie Roz out for some lunch.

Then I got a card on my desk, from the bosses with a gift certificate for a local pizza place.

My cell phone was going nuts earlier today, from countless wall posts and inbox message notifications from Facebook and it felt great to know that so many of my friends care enough to send me a birthday wish. Makes me wish my birthday came more than once a year.

So a huge hearty thank you to all of you. I’m heading out for dinner tonight to celebrate.


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  1. Happy birthday!!


  3. Chrispy says:


  4. Hey, I’d take pizza over cake any day of the week.

    Happy (belated) birthday.

  5. OH No, I missed your birthday! Happy Belated Birthday, Yay for lunch.

    Hope your evening was fantastic and that you had a wonderful day!

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