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Getting Old Er

Ten quick facts…

  1. It’s my birthday tomorrow (Wednesday). The big 33 (or 29). Yay for me!Big 29
  2. I’m a little scared of two things. Since my birthday falls on a weekday, I know that Work tends to do a birthday gathering for lucky birthday people. I’m scared they don’t know it’s my birthday and then they’ll feel bad when they find out they missed it. I’m also scared that they DO know and I’ll end up with a chocolate/fruit cake and have to turn it down or force it down.
  3. Mr. Maybe’s parents are in town (my birthday and Mr. Maybe’s Dad’s birthday. So far we’ve gone out to the hot springs, ate numerous dinners and it’s been just great meeting them. We’re going for dinner tomorrow night with Mr. Maybe’s parents in honour of my birthday before they leave the following morning.
  4. Work is going well. I’m right into the swing of things. Certain special management software will be installed later this week so I’ll have some learning to do. And if we’re not working, we’re laughing.. so that’s a good thing… right?
  5. Stan’s been missing me a lot lately. I’ve gone from spending 24/7 with him for months to barely having the time to pet him lately. It’s been an adjustment.
  6. We’re having a good old fashioned birthday dinner out at The Joint on Friday night. Good Food. Guitar Hero. Some Clouds (our family card game that I never win at). It’s going to be a good one.
  7. It was my Mum’s birthday on the 1st. I’m a horrible daughter for not posting on that day… but the dinner we had was fantastic as was the dessert I bought for her. So there. Redemption.
  8. It’s was an old friend’s birthday yesterday. I called. I emailed. No reply. What happened to my good friend Sparks? Who knows. But he knows it’s my birthday tomorrow so maybe he’ll get back to me then. I know I can’t forget his birthday and I’m pretty sure he can’t forget mine (being that it’s only two days apart).
  9. I have no idea what’s going on with you InnerNets. There, I said it. I’ve been a bad Blogger lately and a worse Lurker too. You all have probably forgotten all about me by now. When I figure some things out, like how to post more easily from work, or like when I win the lottery and don’t have to work anywhere (even at this job that I like)… you all had better watch out. RSS explosion!
  10. I really liked my Christmas banner. Still do in fact since I can’t seem to find the time to change it. One day.

OK, that’s all I have for now. Off to bed to dream of motorcycles and cameras and a house big enough for a family and love and back scratches and Gerber Babies and Gerbera Daisies (of the flower kind).


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  1. Happy Birthday!
    Should I call the office and secretly tell them its your B-day? Ha ha

  2. Happy birthday!

    May we all be 29, always!

    (In my case, I’ve been 27 several times over)

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