Display Your Facebook Status On Your Blog.

My friend Oscar was asking me, through Facebook, how to add his status updates like I have mine displayed on my sidebar. This is the short and sweet of it (a few simple steps) and it’s basically the same as Publishing your Google Blogroll. (See my Link Love page.)

1. Go to See All in your Mini-Feed on your Facebook profile.
2. On the right hand column there’s a link to your status feed. Subscribe to the feed through Google Reader.
3. Put that feed in a folder all by itself and go to the manage subscriptions page in Google Reader and share that folder through the Tags tab.
4. Click Add A Blogroll to Your Site, grab the code and embed it into your sidebar or what not.

FYI: If you can do this you can basically scrape any feed and display it on your site. But PLEASE DON’T! Internet Theft is BAD! Please use only your own content.

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