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Happy Birthday Mr. Maybe

So, it’s Mr. Maybe’s birthday today. This has been freaking me out all week long. Partly because he doesn’t really like birthdays, is constantly annoyed with all the fanfare that goes along with them and always gets disappointed with silly gifts instead of getting what he explicitly says he wants. And mostly because I’m po’ girl right now and can’t afford to get him a flashy new iPod or a lazy boy recliner. Instead, I’ll get him gifts from my heart (in my mind).

Inside his imaginary gift bag, there will be all sorts of new tools for him to use, some new work boots, clothing galore, a nice new watch, some new glasses, a new snowboard and bindings, new googles, a nice leather jacket, a couple of acres of land right on a nice river, a new fishing pole, a wireless mouse and the world.

In reality I’ll get him some socks and a new toothbrush because he’s a practical guy and only wants gifts that are thoughtful. He swears that’s all he really needs… besides me to be with him for a long long long time, so okay. I can do that. But, I’m pretty resourceful about these kinds of things and also have a little bit of talent to throw into the mix. So, I made him two birthday cards, specially designed for him (one to be from me and one to be from his son)… and… I’ll likely sing out of tune when I present him his cake this evening (that I did not bake, but was only the picker-upper of said cake specially ordered from his mother and father who live roughly 8 hours away and sadly cannot be here for the big day).

Happy Birthday Mr. Maybe!!! I know you really want Friday the 8th to skip right past you and just go right to Saturday, but it won’t happen. So you’re just going to have to try to enjoy your day. I really hope I get to celebrate all the rest of your birthdays with you. I promise you, birthdays will no longer be as awful as you think they are going to be as long as you stick with me.

Happy Birthday Mr. Maybe

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