I Met Bif Naked Once

About 9 years ago, my boyfriend at the time was opening for her at one of the more busier bars on Whyte Ave in Edmonton. We walked in for the sound check as she and her crew were right in the middle of theirs. As the guys got their gear out and readied themselves, I sat back on a stool right in front and watched her. I was silently freaking out inside because I’d been a fan for sometime, but I was playing it cool as if this was any other gig and she was any other person. She was sipping from a water bottle, wearing black track suit pants and a white t-shirt. She screamed and sang into the mic, making sure the sound was going to be right. I heard bits and pieces of my favourite songs, like a secret gig just for me. I was in awe.

The very first time I heard her music, I was sitting in Otto’s truck, rolling down Jasper Ave, listening to her newly released self-titled album, Bif Naked (1995). He had a wicked stereo in his truck and the music was loud enough to rattle the windows. I ran out to get that CD the very next day.

My boyfriend joined me at my table when they were ready to get started and waited until she was done. Then she hopped off the stage and came towards us. I almost threw up in my mouth a little, from all the excitement and pretty much froze.

I remember our conversation, like it was in slow motion.

She said to me, “Hey.”

Then I said, “Hey.”

Then she looked towards my boyfriend and they chatted for a moment and then she walked away.

It was a moment I’d never forget.

Bif Naked has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, announcing it on George Stroumboulopoulos’ radio show, The Strombo Show.

Ms. Naked has the attitude of a fighter, and even has the word “survivor” tattooed on her arm. On The Strombo Show, she said she joked to doctors that she was grateful that her new husband, Vancouver Sun sports writer Ian Walker, is “an ass man.”

“She started approaching it first off with incredible bravado, and as the seriousness of it kept coming, she’s continued to really show a lot of strength,” Mr. Karroll said.

Ms. Naked said she’d always worried that breast cancer might strike someone close to her. “I’m grateful it’s me and not someone I love or care about,” she said.

“With statistics being what they are, I think, ‘Man, every year it’s going to be somebody. Who’s it going to be? Let it be me, please.’ I’m just relieved it’s nobody I know.”

Honestly, what an unselfish thing to say. That’s character.

And in true Secret Girl Crush fashion, all I can think to say to her is, “Hey. Get better soon.”


Also, although I only have one tattoo and not many like she does, it’s kind of funny that we have the same hairstyle. I never put two and two together until now. I guess I just really like Bif for her daring and wild self. She’s just darn cool and she’s rubbed off on my somehow.

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  1. She is pretty cool, and is anyone can beat cancer, I think she is the one. I’ll be watching her with awe.

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