Happy New Year!

I spent the evening writing a very difficult post, which I haven’t totally finished yet, then I gulped down my last cup of coffee for the year, grabbed my bathing suit and went over to Roz’s boyfriend’s place. Roz and I sat in the hot tub, drank some wine and scotch and laughed our asses off.

Although there was never any doubt that he wouldn’t, Roz’s boyfriend (The Sweetest Guy In The World) showed up three minutes to New Years to kiss and make out with Roz. I, on the other hand, cried into my wine about boys who never think to call me and boys who can’t treat me right. Then I got over myself and kissed my glass and silently toasted myself out of 7 years of bad luck.

Then, when Roz’s boyfriend went back to work a few mintues later, I said… "Roz… you know the part in the movie Music and Lyrics, where Drew Barrymore’s sister says, ‘you know it’s love when someone does something extraordinary.’??? Well, that’s what Sweet One did tonight. So if it works out and you guys end up marrying, etc, or you guys end up hating each other in 6 months and it doesn’t work out?? Remember this night; the night that he did something extraordinary for you. He snuck out of work, just to come to be by your side for 5 minutes. That’s extraordinary. That’s a good man. Remember this moment."

"And don’t fuck this up," I added. "He’s romantic. Don’t let him go. He loves you so much."

You see… while Roz teaches me all about how to recognize when a man treats me wrong, I have been teaching her how to recognize when a man treats her right.

Welcome to Two Thousand and Eight, folks. Have a lovely year!

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  1. Great post, Tina 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year!! Here’s to 2008 may it treat you right.

  3. This will be your year, I know it.

    Happy New Year my darling!

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