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on gift-giving

My comment over at Leah’s post, ‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple.

This year, I’m single and my pocketbook is thanking me that I don’t have a boyfriend to buy for. I don’t have a worry in the world. No perfect gift to hunt down. Yeah. And the loneliness isn’t even getting to me. 😉

As for gift giving, I’m the easiest person to buy for. I am happy with any gift. Homemade. Store-bought. Big. Small.

I like practical things (like the tire chains I got a few years ago from my family) and I like giving practical things too. But, because I’m a funny girl, I’ll often throw a box of Kraft Dinner in with a gift to make it sound different or put a little gift inside a huge box to make it appear different. That’s why I love wrapping gifts. One time I gave my step-father a massive socket wrench set for Christmas. It took me hours to individually wrap every single piece and it took him hours to unwrap it all.

I love gift giving, I just don’t start out early enough and sometimes feel rushed to get the perfect thing in time for Christmas. This year I’m making a few of my gifts so I can’t say here what they are until after all gifts are received.

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