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hockey – a good thing about winter

Teege had a hockey game today, in Kaslo, against one of his good friend’s teams. I didn’t know about it in time, so I didn’t go, but it was a good game anyway. Apparently the two of them were stuck on each other like white on rice, denying each other shots on goal.

Later this afternoon, Teege had another hockey game in town here so I went down for it. It was an exhibition game against the other Nelson team. Since all the kids know each other and have grown up playing hockey together, they turned it into a very fun game. They switched players up, relaxed the rules and opted for penalty shots instead of penalty minutes.

It was so fun to watch. All the players were smiling and laughing the entire time. The referee even made Teege and whoever he faced off with do circles before he dropped the puck to see who would win the face-off. This was a piece of cake for Teege… if I had a nickle for every twirl he has ever done on the ice, I’d be rich. But really, the smile on Teege’s face for an hour and a half was priceless.

When I got home, I threw on the radio. My station of choice, Mountain FM, has a program in the evenings on weekdays called Overtime. Pretty much "All Things Sports; All Evening Long" with a splattering of great classic and new rock. So, when there’s a Trail Smoke Eaters game (BCHL – just before College Hockey), the host of Overtime goes to the arena to give us play-by-play of the games. He also goes to the Away games, like tonight’s Smokies game against the Vipers in Vernon. So I listened to that game on the radio.

 All I Want For Christmas Is An Edmonton Oilers Jersey

I also had the TV on to the Oilers/Canucks sold-out game tonight and kind of screamed just a little bit when Horcoff’s goal got past Sanford and into the net – the first goal of the game late into the third period. Also, I am really getting to like the excitement of the overtime shootouts.

I haven’t always been a huge fan of hockey. In fact, one of my ex’s would swear that I nearly lost it on him when I just couldn’t take any more hockey. He would absolutely laugh if he found out now that All I Want For Christmas Is An Edmonton Oilers Jersey (female, medium, hint, hint). But with Teege playing the way he does now and watching him become a pretty good player these past few years it’s not hard to become addicted to the game. So, too much hockey today? I don’t think so. I love it.

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  1. I would love an Oilers jersey (I prefer the ones before the Reebok) as well. But I am a Senators fan first & foremost. Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver & Toronto come second.

  2. @Roshan… And here I thought I was deprived not being able to see my Oilers play hockey on the TV in BC… how does someone in Kuwait watch hockey games from Canada?

  3. Roshan’s answer to me…

    I do not live in Kuwait, I live in India 🙂 I was born in Kuwait and I lived there till I was 11 years old.

    They used to show NHL games on ESPN, early mornings in India but it hasn’t been on for a couple of years – except for the Finals.

    Now, I just follow it online and I watch some clips on YouTube.

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