taking care of business

I absolutely love the morning routine. Turn computer on. Open the blinds. Open email. Open browser. Make coffee.

I love it when my email comes in. Someone has wrote to me on Facebook. Someone has posted on my wall. Someone has nudged me for Scrabulous.

My browser loads up and I’m ready for the world. Facebook. Twitter. Gmail. I check my calendar (does Teege have hockey today?)

Then I open my Google Reader. If I’ve been good at keeping up, the number of unread items is low. If I spent the day before writing Christmas Cards and working on various presents, the number is low. Lots to read today.

I’m a fairly organized person and I like to save the best for last. So I read the news sites. I read the gossip sites and comics (yes, I read comics). Then I read the more important sites about blogging, social media, RSS and SEO. Geek stuff. I read Kottke, I read Scoble, I read Chris Pirillo, to name a few. Then I hit Boing Boing and TailRank because I’m addicted to information. I read a few design blogs, my Flickr stream from Contacts and Groups. Then it gets personal. Time to read my music feeds and blogroll feeds. All-in-all I read 230 feeds throughout the day.

I star items of interest for blog fodder later. I make a hell of a lot of lists that probably mean nothing to anyone but me. I go comment on other sites. I click through to other commenter’s sites. I’ll grab their feed if they look interesting me and throw them in the Watch Folder in my reader.

Then, if I have any time left after all that routine stuff… I’ll post. 😉

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