I posted everyday, but does NaBloPoMo know that?

Today is the last day for NaBloPoMo and I am happy to say that I did it, again. I successfully posted everyday this month. A quick Thank You to Fussy for hosting this Post Party. It’s been a great time and next year will be even better, I have no doubt!

I just logged into the NaBloPoMo site to see what’s going on and noticed that I’m not on the Blogroll. (I added myself already, at the beginning of the month, but if you scroll down to the Rs, I’m no longer there.) So I scrolled up to the Ds (Angella, you aren’t there) and up to the Bs (Doug, you aren’t there). and all the way down to the Ss (SAJ, you aren’t there).

Who else? Go and check if your participating friends are on the Blogroll. If they aren’t, make sure to let them know to add themselves. You can email Ms. Kennedy at nablopomo [at] gmail [dot] com with your BlogName and BlogURL.

So, signing up to the site isn’t enough. You need to be added to the Blogroll. Also, this means that we’ve missed out on some major traffic this month, because I believe the Randomizer feeds off this Blogroll. Pooey. Oh well. It was fun anyways.

Goodbye NaBloPoMo. Thanks for the memories!

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  1. Actually, mine would’ve been in the Ts (and it’s not). Thanks for the heads up.

  2. That’s what I meant, the Ts… Mr. Smarty Pants. See what I mean about “always having to be right?”

  3. I hope you get credit!! All that work! I’m proud of you NaBloPoMo participants 🙂

  4. I’m proud of you for getting back on your game.

    Well done, my friend 🙂

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