How to install the Comment Email Responder Plugin For WordPress and make it work too

For those who need help getting the Comment Email Responder plugin for WordPress to work, here’s some easy instructions.

1. You installed the "comment-email-responder" folder into your FTP plugins area.
2. You activated the plugin through the Plugin tab in your admin.
3. You have gone to options and configured the plugin’s settings.

These three must happen. Now, when you are logged into your site… go to a single post page (not your home page, an actual post page), scroll down to the comments and you should see a little envelope icon beside all your commenter’s names. Also, scroll on down to the bottom of the comment box and you should see the words "Reply to Comment: None".

I DON’T see the "Reply to" text and/or the envelope icon (or I see it, but my commenter didn’t get my reply email)…

The Fix!

1. You need to create a new user through the Users tab and give New User an admin status. Log out.
2. Log in as New User. Delete old user through Users tab. When you delete old user, it’ll ask you to confirm AND it will ask you if you want to give all existing posts to New User. Say yes.

If you’d like, you can stay logged in as New User and continue on your merry way. The plugin "should" work now.

If you want your old user name back… while logged in as New User, create a new user and give it the OldUserName (with admin status). Logout. Log in as OldUserName, Delete New User, append New Users posts to OldUserName. Then you should be back to your original user name.

The reason for all this… The plugin needs to have the user with a status of 10. When you create a new user, it’s given a status of 10 and therefore the plugin works.

OK, I DO see the envelope icon and the "Reply to" text, but nothing seems to happen…

Here’s how the comment email responder works.

Click on the envelope icon of the comment you want to reply to. A type cursor will appear in your comment text area box and the wording below the box will change to "Reply to Comment: 263548" (or whatever number is the comment that you clicked to reply to). Simply type your respond into your comment text box and hit submit. Your comment will be added to the comment list for that post, plus a copy of it will be emailed to your commenter.

Clicking the icon only activates your type cursor into the text box and changes the text at the bottom from "none" to "thenumberofyourcomment". In other words, the page doesn’t change, nor does a pop-up happen. In fact, when you rollover the icon, your mouse cursor doesn’t even change to anything, so it looks like nothing is happening, but if you wait an ALT text does come up eventually.

This plugin really is great. I wish it was a bit easier, as in Plug and Play, and for some people it is (if they have a user status of 10). I hope these instructions help someone out, like they did for Angella (the inspiration for this post).

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  1. You are a SUPERSTAH!

    SO EASY to install, thanks to you 🙂

  2. thank you so much for this fix! i’ve been wanting to use this plug-in but i couldn’t make it work. you’re an answered prayer! 😉

  3. Brilliant. Thank you!!!

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