Trash To Treasure

Inspired by SAJ’s post, and her admission to being a Trash Digger, I thought it was time you all knew that I was a Trash Digger too.

Nelson does an event once or twice a year, called Trash To Treasure Day. Everyone puts their junk on their lawns and heads out for a walk. It’s amazing what you can find. We’re big on recycling here.

Every couple of days you will find my Mum and I at the local used store. It’s just amazing; there’s new stuff everyday from furniture to electronics to tupperware and really cool handmade pottery. I almost never leave without buying myself a little something.

Today, we picked up a few finds. Mum bought me this teapot and the handmade pottery vase below it. They were only $3 each.

Trash To Treasure - teapot

Trash To Treasure - handmade pottery vase and handmade garlic keeper

Picking up such cheap and wonderful items feeds my shopping addiction while going easy on my pocketbook.

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