in excessive speed

I know what Kimli means about wanting to dispute a traffic fine. It’s like, “No, I HAVE to Set The World Straight! I am NOT GUILTY!”

I jaunted off on a roadtrip once to Kelowna. I was driving through a town notorious for Cops Who Like To Catch Speeders. There were four cars ahead of me and it was a Tuesday at 1:00 in the afternoon. I was following the cars ahead, going the same speed as everyone else. The cop pulled me over because I was the last in the line. Apparently we must have all been going 40 over the speed limit.

I ask you, how is it that we were driving over 100 k/hour through a small town on a Tuesday afternoon?

I formally disputed the ticket, but I’m STILL waiting to Set The World Straight in court. I’ve been waiting over three years now. When will I get my day in court?

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  1. I contemplated fighting my speeding ticket a few weeks ago. I too was pulled out from a line up of which we were all going the same speed. And it still burns me that the speed actually drops on that particular road and they sit there now and tag people. They don’t sit in front of my son’s school and burn the guys drag racing in front of it, but they get me with my kids screaming and my Mom singing on a road with no houses… go figure. I hope you get your day 😉

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