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Being a music junkie, I subscribe to quite a few music blogs in my Google Reader. These music blogs are a great way to find new music tracks and even some great rare covers of the artists you love. I’ve discovered some great new artists through these music blogs. I’m also a Facebook Addict and luckily for you, I just came across the Music Blogs application. I’ve got to say that I’m quite impressed. It’s a must (for me anyways). Now all the tracks are accessible from Facebook.

If you are on Facebook, give the application a try. Add the following music blogs below to your application (my favorite 10) and the application will play independently while you surf in another tab or window (or while you write a post – as I am right now). When you hear something you like (and I’m positive you will), just boot over to the Facebook tab or window in your browser and follow the link to the blog. Download the track you want. It’s that easy.

I recommend these music blogs (my faves) for your enjoyment (also supplied are links to the blogs and their respective feeds should you want to add them to your RSS Reader Of Choice.)

3hive [link] [feed]
The Yellow Stereo [link] [feed]
Fluxblog [link] [feed]
i guess i’m floating [link] [feed]
stereogum [link] [feed]
An Aquarium Drunkard [link] [feed]
Music (for robots) [link] [feed]
Gorilla Vs Bear [link] [feed]
Here Comes The Flood [link] [feed]
Largehearted Boy [link] [feed]

On a related note, should you be feeling a tiny bit of remorse for downloading a track or two without “paying”, there’s a new payment option. Confess and 5 Hail Marys, everyone. Plus, submit before December 31st and you may win an iPod Shuffle.

DearRockers.org [link] [feed].

Now where’s my crayons? I’ve got to write Joanna Newsom for being cute and brilliant at the same time.

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