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Regina In The Fall


Here’s the photos I finally got around to uploading from our trip to Saskatchewan.


We picked this guy up from a pet store in Regina. We didn’t plan on it, but he was so cute and had been there for almost three months, so it seemed like a good time to make my Mother’s wish come true. She always wanted a lapdog. His name is Cheeko, but sometimes we call him Chancho. Or Enchilada. Or Burrito. All of those names would be way funnier if he was a Chihuahua instead of a Pomeranian. But our Mexican Homestay, Manni, says that Cheeko means small. So I guess it fits. The other names are more for our amusement than anything.

Speaking of Manni, this trip must have been quite the experience for him. My Grampa took him hauling grain and explained the whole farm business to him. Here’s Manni driving the combine with my Uncle Mike.

Manni Driving

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  1. Ahh Regina, there is snow there now! But, it sure looks like you had a fun trip. And cute puppy, hope your Mom loves it!

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