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Google had just rolled out a wonderful little added bonus with their Google Reader. The ability to publish a Google Blogroll of the sites you read everyday. This, of course, is different from the Google Reader Clip.

I was trying to do this last year and finally decided that an OPML was the way to go. But that means maintaining two lists (my Google Reader and my OPML publisher.) Not now. It’s all in one place. My Google Reader Clip (see my sidebar) feeds from this master list, my Google Blogroll (see my Link Love page.)

To publish your own Blogroll from Google Reader, just go to Manage Subscriptions, Tags, and choose “add a blogroll to your site”. You’ll get some code to add to your sidebar, links page or whatever. Hint: choose “None” for the color scheme and the script should adopt the same CSS you are currently using.

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  1. Cool… I’ve been wanting this feature! Thanks for sharing. (And you should totally share the photo of you with the pixie cut you mentioned on Whoorl today!)

  2. […] This is the short and sweet of it (a few simple steps) and it’s basically the same as Publishing your Google Blogroll. (See my Link Love […]

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