I feel like a big loser right now. But a winner too. Let me tell you why.

My servers Inbox for my tina email address was full. When I downloaded Thunderbird to try it out, I had set it to keep a copy on the server until I delete it, meaning a copy would stay on the server until I deleted the email from my Inbox in Thunderbird. Well… I forgot about that stupid little setting and I forgot to keep my Thunderbird Inbox clean. I must have left some things behind in my move; like MY MIND OR SOMETHING. Apparently I haven’t been getting any new emails to my tina account since the middle of August. Yikes. My bad. ‘Tis clean now. I blame it half on my stupidity and half on Facebook (all those notifications filled it up quickly).

Also, Jenny and Jennifer from the BlogHerAds team emailed with correct instructions on how to run the revenue reports for my site. I didn’t know you had to choose “Revenue By Campaign”. I was running reports every other day (instead of cleaning up my email Inbox) and assuming that no one was seeing my lovely little ads or clicking on them because there was no data in the report. Well, there’s data in there, people, now that I know how to run it and I’m glad to say that I am well on the way to BlogHer ’08. And can I just say, the little links that appear below the ads that go to other bloggers on BlogHer are the cats pyjamas. There’s some good reading in those links.

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  1. Hooray for BlogHer ’08!

  2. That would explain why I can’t see anything in my BlogHer report. Will go check now again.

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