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the common zit

Inspired from this post of Leah’s, here’s my tip for treating and preventing the common zit.

Go get yourself a bottle of peroxide and a sleeve of cotton makeup remover pads from the drugstore. Peroxide is an antiseptic. It kills bacteria and bacteria is the secret ingredient that causes the common infection also known as a pimple on one’s face. I swear by it, although it’s not fool proof. Things like Plain Forgetfulness and Other Things To Do Before Falling Asleep seem to get in the way at times, but for the most part swiping your face with a little bit of peroxide on a regular basis helps to keep the nasty zits at bay.

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  1. This is a good tip 🙂

    I keep trying to reply to your comments and they bounce back. Is your email working?


  2. Funny I used to use peroxide all the time, I stopped a long time ago. I will try to remember the next time I feel an outbreak coming on.

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