Internet Thievery

Lovely Secret Agent Josephine had an image stolen, who knows when, and another blogger began using the image as her main graphic. Banner, CafePress items… pretty much her entire logo and catch phrase was based on it. That’s really shitty.

Hello??? PAY someone to make a logo for you. People like SAJ would have been more than happy to create a very special logo just for you… or at the very least, make one yourself. Even if you come up with a shitty looking logo at least it’s yours and not stolen from someone who is highly respected in the Internet Community. Talk about Bad Karma.”

The link to SAJ’s post about it. I copied part of my comment to her and put it into my post below.

Unfortunately there is no way to stop someone from Internet Thievery, unless you don’t put anything up. If someone REALLY REALLY wants a particular graphic, and is a morally unethical human piece of crap, there’s three ways to go about it.

1. Right Click and Save As.
2. Screen Capture (works even in Flash as far as I know.)
3. Save HTML Page with your browser (downloads all corresponding documents and images to folder.)
4. Browse through Temporary Internet File Folder. If you surfed it, you downloaded it.

IMO, the best way to combat it would be to watermark everything. That way if anyone does any of those four things they WILL have your graphic but they’d have a lot of work to get rid of the watermark before they used it. That will deter most people.

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