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and because I’m tired.

I’m not sure where the summer is going, but it’s flying by quickly. I log into Facebook everyday, but can barely find the time to write here. Maybe because I have so much to write about that I feel as though I’m so far behind and how the hell am I going to catch up? So, I just had two days off (technically one and a half) to do nothing but sit here at my computer and catch up (and not go to the beach).

I did the August banner last night, then totally changed it this morning because I didn’t like what I had done. Now, I used the same concept, but with a totally different look and now I like the way it turned out. The hard part about the design was using the colors. They are so far off from “web safe” and acceptable modern color schemes, but I finally got it right.

I also caught up on my Feed Reading. I subscribe to close to 300 feeds, which makes for a lot of scanning and speed reading on a daily basis. My favorite sites are in another folder that I use to get a quick fix if I am limited with time, which I am for the most part. Yesterday, when I began playing catch up, I had over 8000 posts to mark read. I just finished them off and the counter is now reset to 0… well, 4 now, but 0 when I began typing.

I have tonnes of other things going on too, lots of stories to tell like the KGB2007 show. But I have other smaller thoughts that I’ll just ramble off now and get them out to you.

  • I just recently installed a Facebook Toolbar for Firefox and man is it ever sweet. Tiny pop-ups in the corner of my browser informing me of friend’s status updates, quick jump links to my profile and what not, a sidebar that pops out and displays statuses in an easy to read format (most likely pulled through an RSS feed). Very cool and less distracting than obsessively logging in. I highly recommend it.
  • The Countdown To The Move is on. My friend Roz and I are house hunting right now, looking for a cool little pad to call home. Right now she’s living in Trail and working in Nelson, which means nearly 2.25 hours of driving everyday for her. Yuck. So, we came up with the plan. It’s too expensive to be on our own each, and we get along great, so we’re tying the knot so to speak and combining our stuff to make a happy home for two single thirty-somethings. You’ll be hearing more Adventures With Roz in the future, that’s for sure. We’re looking at a few places on Friday.
  • There’s a big ass fire above us, here on the mountain. If you are a Facebook friend of mine you’d have already seen the picture moblogged instantaneously. I would have posted it here, I do have the option to do that from Flickr, but Flickr seems to add a line of code into the auto poster that makes all my text go below my sidebar and I haven’t figured out a way to do it without or differently. It totally pisses me off, because I’m a perfectionist that way, so I don’t generally post my photos here unless I am right at the computer and can go in and edit it to remove it. And that kind of defeats the whole moblogging instantaneously thing. So until I figure something out… Oh yeah, the fire. The fire is huge. It’s above my house. The air if thick with smoke and there’s tonnes of helicopters flying overhead all day long. Annoying? Yes. But so would being evacuated or losing the house altogether to a wildfire.
  • This blog. I feel a redesign coming on. I’m uninspired though. I just feel it needs to be changed. Plus I think that I have lost some readership in the last few months due to my sporadic verbal spew-age. That’s ok. The readers that matter stayed. ;) Besides, you’ll all get sick of my ramblings and over posting tendencies during the off-season anyways.
  • BlogHer. Yes, I’m sad I didn’t go. Again. And I’ll say it… again… “maybe next year”. I did look into it, though, honest. My brother’s girlfriend is a travel agent so I asked her to look into flights for me. WAY too much. Maybe next year they’ll decide to have BlogHer in Seattle or something. Then Angella, Amanda, Tanya, Meg and all the other BC Bloggers will have a chance to go. Even my Alberta Blogger friends can get to Seattle easily enough. Hey BlogHer! Next year’s conference should be in Seattle!! Ok, that’s enough.
  • I have recently purchased an alarm clock. I know! I’ve become so used to using my cell phone as my alarm… but of course my cellphone doesn’t have a radio. Huh? What does that mean? Well, I’ve begun to listen to the radio again, recently, but our stations aren’t available Live On The Internet, like other stations are. Roz works for one of the stations here and since I’ve met the majority of the on-air staff, I’ve taken to listening more and more. BUT… the reception out here is C-R-A-P. Crap. All I get in any sort of clear, non-snowy way, is the CBC (which I also like and kind of have to but not because Roz works for them because she doesn’t but because it comes in clear and non-snowy). Things will be better when I get into town, I hope. Radio reception, cell phone reception, my spice rack finally unpacked for longer than a few months. A floor to offer to guests… [wink]
  • [spank]
  • Google Reader is climbing steadily… 41 unread posts…
  • G’night.


4 Responses to “incoherently…”

  1. Sweet banner! And you read WAY TOO MANY posts!! :)

    I’m all for a Seattle BlogHer next year.

    Have fun with your new roomie :)

    Posted by Angella | August 2, 2007, 5:58 am
  2. I LOVE the new banner! And that would be soooo sweet if blogher was in Seattle.

    Thanks for the tip — I am totally installing the facebook toolbar. AS IF I need to be on facebook more than I already am though :)

    Posted by Martha | August 2, 2007, 2:36 pm
  3. Love the new banner!

    And awesome news that you will be moving in with Roz, I look forward to the tales.

    You sound busy, which is always good. Enjoy August.

    Posted by BeachMama | August 4, 2007, 9:34 am
  4. Hell… I’d take San Fran! Chicago was too far (I almost went anyhow, but already had plans that weekend that I decided I should keep) on short notice.

    Glad to hear you are looking for a new place! Hope the search brings up something awesome for you 2.

    Posted by Tanya (aka NetChick) | August 7, 2007, 12:18 pm

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