planning the roadtrip…

I’ve been counting down the days to the Rush concert in Calgary and have been given a few more days off so I can boot up to Edmonton to see some friends there.

Although, the way that I have planned it, it’s not going to be much of a vacation or holiday. Not really any time to relax.

Monday morning, I’ll drive non-stop for 11 hours to get to Edmonton. Enough said.

After spending Monday night and Tuesday day visiting a boatload of friends, I’ll shoot on over to Wainwright to visit Tiko, The Golf Pro and Miss Cailyn Annika before Cailyn begins buying bras and dating boys (she’s at least 5 and a half months old already).

I’ll bring my clubs and try to at least hit the driving range at their Golf Club, but I really want a tour and a chance for 9 holes with Tiko. Anyways, the golf will have to be quite early because it’s another 5 hours to Calgary and I’ll have to meet up with Doug and battle the traffic in Calgary to get to the concert on time.

After rocking out with Doug and Rush Wednesday night, Mooshoo and I (and maybe Doug if he can play sick for the day, because I know how much he loves shopping – he really does) will be shopping all day Thursday and having coffee with various friends. I’m ready for a full day of it.

Then I’ll hit the road to home around 8 ish am on Friday so I can make it back in time to laugh my ass off at the Kootenay Gut Buster at Toad Rock Motorcycle Campground, where my friend Daryl Makk will be headlining.

Then it’s back to life the next day.

The only possible deviation to the plan would be to get Sunday off too, drive over to Calgary to make it in time for The Tragically Hip concert, then instead of driving all day Monday to Edmonton it will just be a quick three hour jaunt.

Fingers crossed.

I just realized the Boring Factor of this post, but oh well. At least I posted… 😉

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  1. Nothing like winding roads to make you trip longer eh? I like the straightness of Interstates. The faster I get to my destination the better.

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