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07/07/07 – first days for everything..

I was heading for bed after a long day of work, but there’s two very special First Things that happened today that must be written about before my head hits the pillow.

1. Teege had his very First Day of Employment today. He started work at the golf course; bussing tables, etc. He’s a good hard worker and there’s many valuable lessons to be learned with a first job. I love that I can be part of it; teaching him responsibilities and expanding on the capabilities he already has. The food and beverage service industry is a great industry to get into. He’ll be able to work part time through high school and college and always have a bit of cash in his wallet. I am extremely proud of him. He’s my little brother, but because I have not yet had a child of my own, he is almost like a surrogate son to me.

2. A very good friend of mine had his First Day of Marriage with one of the sweetest women that I know. I’d like to say that he graduated from his Loser moniker to something a little more fitting now that he’s a married man… but the very fact that he and his new wife – within hours, literally, of their union ceremony – logged onto Facebook to update their relationship status from engaged to married. That just proves that once a Loser, always a Loser. And I really only say that because that’s exactly what I would have done… and the very fact that I can admit that makes me even more of a Loser than Loser. So, Congratulations, Loser and Mrs. Loser… I hope that you two Losers will be happy with one another in Loserville, being all Loser-like and doing Loser things together. Of course, I’m joking. I love you both and I wish you both happy days forever. Losers.

There’s only one other person in the world that I know of who would update their blog or Facebook profile within hours of marrying… but do I really need to say who?

And lastly… I hope everyone else had a great day, today… 07/07/07.

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