perfect day for golf…

Yes, more golf talk.

The Assistant Golf Pro at my local golf course golfed for ALS today. His golf-a-thon began at 5am and his goal by the end of the day was to do 12 rounds of 18 holes each. As far as I know he was completing 9 holes in just under 45 minutes… that’s 18 in 1.5 hours. Normally on this course for four people to golf 18 its a good 4 hours (two people can complete it in 3.5 hours if they hurry). Plus he kept up good scores throughout every round, scoring right around par and even under par at times.

He must be dead tired.

Update: He’s tired, has a few blisters and golfed 225 holes. Can anyone say Power House?

It was a beautiful day today, folks. Hot, sunny and a little bit breezy. Absolutely perfect.

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  1. I almost cried at the word golf. Although I have been told that my swing would be better with a huge belly in the way, there is no way I could play 18 holes, let alone 9. We had a similar tourney here in Ottawa last week and the golfers ended up playing almost three or four full rounds. Thank goodness the weather had cooled for them.

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