The Confessional


A few days ago I would have celebrated my Third Wedding Anniversary.

But I didn’t.

And the man I nearly married, the man I said yes to, the man I chose to spend the rest of my life with… is pretty much non-existent in my life now. I think about him every once in a while, especially on June 5th… curious to know how he is. But I never email him, I never call him. He never contacts me either.

The embarrassment from calling the wedding off must be too strong… or we weren’t that close to begin with. Either way… I hope he’s well and I am now thankful that we didn’t marry.

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  1. Sorry you had to go through with the joy and heartbreak. Maybe one day when you find the right guy and do get married, you won’t remember June 5th anymore for what it wasn’t but for what it could be.

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