When was the last time you…

Ate your favorite ice cream?

Followed a butterfly’s flight till it was out of sight?

Sat and looked at the awesomeness of the fullmoon on a clear night?

Listened to a piece of music that made you close your eyes and pay attention to it?

Danced in the living room?

Lit some candles and sat in the bathtub til your skin was wrinkled up?

Called a loved one just to talk to them?

Smelled your clean laundry?

Brought home some flowers for yourself?

Went to a movie by yourself?

Went to bed early to read a good book?

Bought yourself something nice to wear?

Looked through your old photograph albums?

Walked through a museum?

Created a gift for a friend?

Gave yourself a pedicure?

Sat and literally smelled the roses?

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  1. Thank you, for being in my family. Thank you for who you are. Thank you for teaching me on how to be mum. Thank you for your gentle words. Sorry, for the mistakes I have made. I love you. xoxoxoox

  2. Not often enough. Although I do think of doing some of those things, time just gets away from you.

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