beware of bears!

The other day, some garbage bags were forgotten outside overnight in the back of the truck. The two dogs freaked out all night long and finally someone brought them into the house because there was no sleep to be had. The next morning, we noticed the bear paw prints on the edge of the bed of the truck and the garbage was dragged all the way out into the wooded area of the acerage. You could literally make out how the bear got in and out of the back of the truck and there are distinct scratches where his nails were.

Tonight, I’m sitting here Facebooking just before bed. I hear Sabre (our male German Sheppard) start to go nuts so we brought Sheena inside. Then I hear a slow and deliberate ‘thump’… ‘thump’… ‘thump’… up the side of the house, right below my window. I was curious and thought about looking, but, you know… I was Facebooking!

All of a sudden there’s a ruckus at the front of the house. My step-father is yelling to get the pots and pans. A Cinnamon Black Bear had come up the steps of the house and was literally on the front porch a foot away from the door. Sabre was jumping up and down, barking and growling. The bear backed down off the steps and walked back along the side of the house. Sabre followed that bear, frantically barking only 5 feet behind the bear who could really care less. It paid no mind to the can of viciousness that Sabre was threatening to open up on him/her.

We ran from window to window, to back door, to back sliding door to window, shining our flashlights out onto this bear that sauntered through looking for food. He eventually made his way to the edge of the yard, climbed back up over the edge and disappeared into the bush.

Five minutes later, the neighbor’s dogs started going off, pushing the bear away from their house and across the ravine up top.

Who knows where he/she is now. It is quiet here again, but Sabre is on full alert tonight.

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  1. Mooshoo says:

    My parents in Manitoba have problems with bears but having the dog really helps. No matter what size the dog the bear is naturally scared. I’ve actually watched a bear be scared of a Yorkie. Apparently wolves are their worse enemies because they attack in packs. Go Sabre Go.

  2. Oh my goodness, you sound so calm, but I would be freaking out right about now. Thankfully we don’t see bears in our neighbourhoods, but I do have two dogs so I guess we are covered.

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