internet nearly unusable…

That’s right. I’ve called Shaw. They finally responded by coming out today to fix a problem we’ve had here for a long time. Very crappy reception on any channels above 14 and a painfully slow connection to the InnerNet. They replaced the line that runs from the highway up to the cable box so that’s supposed to fix it.

Well, it did on every other computer in this house, except mine. Turns out my slow connection, the worst of them all, is also due to a dying wireless card. Can you imagine? Me, with no InnerNet. Yes, it is happening right now. I have it, but it takes forever to open pages. I lose the connection all the time now. I think that everyday that goes by, it gets worse and worse.

It’s gotten so bad that I can barely stand to be on my computer. It truly is painfully slow. I haven’t read anyone’s blogs in a few days now, My email’s take 5 minutes to send out. Really, it’s worse than dialup. That’s why there’s been scarce postings and nary a response to your comments.

I know it’s the card. I just took Teege’s out of his computer and put it in mine. I quickly watched a video on YouTube as a test, did my virus updates and Windows Updates and then swapped them back out again. Why? Because I love my brother and I’d rather go without a good connection just so he can play his World Of Warcraft online. That’s how great a sister I am.

So, I hope to find another card soon. This girl is going through some major withdrawal here. My iPaq is surfing the InnerNet faster than my fancy desktop.

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  1. Seems like something is out to get your computer. Hopefully you can get it resolved soon, I personally hate being without the innernet.

  2. That would be tough – especially for a computer wonder like you! I hope it’s resolved soon 🙂

  3. I’m on dial-up….oh the horror. You can’t imagine how long it will take to load the next page once I hit submit comment…….

  4. I can relate, my ‘puter was just fixed last week. Actually, it wasn’t the computer, my wireless router was crap. All is better now, I can browse with ease again.

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