well, would you look at that!

That’s right. It’s absolutely gorgeous out today.

Yesterday’s golf game started out slow, but picked up at the 4th. My drives seem to slice (pull right – right into the trees – hahaha) so I need to spend a bit of time correcting that. My short game was pretty good; I managed to shave off a few strokes with some really good chipping, but the greens were pretty fast so my putting left something to be desired. In the end, I seemed to have improved a bit and actually shaved a few strokes off my last game.

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  1. 18! What a perfect day for golf. I am thankful that I don’t usually slice my drive, it is usually good and centre, it just doesn’t go very far. I don’t mind, I would rather have an extra stroke or two than hit it into the woods. I can’t wait to get back in action.

  2. I need a Fahrenheit conversion, because 18 degrees sounds terribly cold 😉

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