dual desktop*

For my birthday this year, a friend of mine sent me a nice fancy dual display video card that is stinkin’ fast. He also sent me two, that’s two very large monitors that he had kicking around. He also sent along a little video on how to install it into the computer and even sent the driver along as well.

“It’s a ten minute job. Just put it in. You’ll be happy.”

Well, it was only an 6 minute job because the video was so helpful. It was the rearranging on my desk that took me over an hour. Previously my monitor was on top of the computer itself directly in front of me. With the two big ass monitors the computer box would have to go elsewhere. That’s where the neat little stand came in handy (also in the birthday box).

So now I am dual desktop again, with all the room in the world for icons and chat windows and Thunderbird and Firefox not over top of one another. Now I can see everything at the same time and no longer have to constantly minimize and maximize and Alt-Tab all over the place. Now my Firefox can be on one screen and my chat open in another.

* This post may bore some of you, but other’s will totally appreciate how happy I am with all the geekery now on my desk.

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  1. I’m happy that YOU are happy 🙂

  2. Wow, how awesome. As much as I love my laptop, I always found the dual desktop really cool. I wished I had a reason to have one :).

  3. Nice, I will think about using the same setup a few months down the road. Nice to know that u r happy and I do consider you to be a friend. 🙂

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