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I have a meeting tomorrow with a potential client about some print work he’d like done. Of course my graphic design skills aren’t the best, I’m more of a screen person (computer screen person, that is) but I’ve done some pretty basic stuff like newsletter layouts, menus, logo design and what not. I’ve spent more time with the Internet though, so I don’t even have a proper portfolio made up to show this client. So that’s what I did this evening.

In my search for drafts and final copies, I came across a copy of a newsletter I had done for my employer at the time and it was a walk down memory lane for me. From The Editor. Items For Sale. I’d lay it all out in Word, then run off to the copiers for 88 copies. That was 1998, folks.

I remember being so proud of my responsibility; the thought that I might have had a hand in selling Joan’s avocado green fridge to Larry in another department, but I also shit bricks every time I plopped my big pile of copies on the counter for everyone to look at and critique and laugh at my ability as an editor.

This is kind of how I feel most of the time, especially when I’m about to sell myself to a client. It’s pretty much how I feel right this second. But maybe, just maybe, he’ll give me a chance.

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  1. You’ll do great! I like your new banner 🙂

  2. you never give yourself enough credit when it comes to your mad skillz – you rock

  3. I am sure you did great this morning. He wouldn’t have asked if he didn’t like at least some of your work somewhere. Let us know how it went.

  4. Congrats girlfriend. I’m so happy that you’ve found something that’s somewhat related to what you want to do. I’ll have to send you an update in the next few days. Glad to hear things are lookin up.



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