catching up?

“Sister, my friend sent me a link today. Do you know the one with all the movies and tv shows on it you can watch? For free? Like tonnes of movies?”

“Hmm…”, I said, thinking for a second. “Well, what’s the link, dood?”

“Google for TV Links and it’s #1.”

And TV Links is what I found. How awesome is that? This Thursday I was so choked that Grey’s was a rerun, again, so I watched the five episodes of The Office, then totally forgot that October Road was on so I missed it. Now I can catch up. And remember when the cable television went out a few weeks ago for pretty much the entire West Kootenays because of some bonehead with a backhoe and I missed the fourth episode of The Black Donnelly’s? Now I can watch it just to say that I watched it. And The Pursuit of Happyness that I haven’t seen yet? Now I don’t have to rent it. Also, 300 not even out on DVD yet? Yep, that too.

With all that tickling my toes, it’s hard to imagine that I am now found. I was Lost, but not in the Lost way with the show. Oh, no. The first year came and went before I knew what Lost meant to the world. Wanting to jump on that bandwagon too, I meant to rent the first year over the summer before the second year started. No such luck. So I spent the second year hiding from Lost, averting my eyes as the channel surfer flipped channels. That second year came and went though I still had absolute certainty that I would one day walk into the rental store and walk home with a bag full of DVDs to watch. But I didn’t. When the end of that summer came it would have cost me $1.5 million trillion dollars to rent the two seasons to get caught up for the third. Now I don’t even care and totally give the tv the evil eye as I push right past the show in near disdain when flipping through the channels. Just like the accomplishment never accomplished and the goal never reached. Not No More. Thanks Teege.

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  1. That is very cool. I could have used that last night as I was to lazy to go to the video store :).

  2. Thanks for the tip! LOST is losing its allure this season anyway 🙂

    Thanks for pointing me to WP – I LOVE IT!

  3. Here’s to another 10 hours of Grey’s in a row! WOOHOO!

  4. That’s excellent – thanks for the info. Sometimes it’s hard to get to the video store before the little one goes to sleep.

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