snakes and arrows…

Anyone who knows me and my musical taste, knows that I am a pretty big fan of the band Rush.

Now you know it too.

And I don’t’ mind saying that you’ll be hearing a bit more as two more dates approach in the near future.

May 1st: New Rush album out!

July 18th: Rush. Calgary. Woot!

Hear the single Far Cry here and if you don’t love them already, learn to.

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  1. Definately some Rush fans in our house, I wonder if Hubby knew they were coming out with something new? So, are you going to Calgary to see them??

  2. I was at their “Presto” concert in Edmonton, Ab. What great talent. They had a huge rabbit coming out of a black top-hat.The rabbit and hat were huge. Were you there?

  3. I wish I cud see them live. They are one of the all time greats and one of my favs. Go for it and if u can, post some pics.

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