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I had another interview today and I hope it went really well. No, I’m sure it went well. I should know more by Tuesday. It will be nice to work with people again. Nice to be part of a work family again.

Lately I seem to be more tired than ever at 11pm. I have all these grand designs to blog and read and be all productive and what have you at 10pm, but when 11pm rolls around, I feel like it’s time for bed. Maybe because my days have been busy lately.

I think that I feel this way because I’m on Day 52 now of no smoking. It’s amazing, really. I have no day-to-day cravings and the only time I have really had a hard time with my willpower was when I met up with some friends last Saturday night. I nearly buckled that night, Day 48, but my friend McTrouble said, “Don’t you want to have a Day 50?” Well, that put an end to my pathetic Talking Myself Into Having Just One attempt.

So, thanks for all the Luck Wishes, everyone. I really think it has helped. My frame of mind has been much better these last fews days and it finally feels like the fog is clearing a bit. The opportunity for this job is just what I need. It’s different and very cool and I’m really looking forward to it (if I get it) (I’m trying to be positive).

So, if I can get a silent collective wish of luck from you again, that would be great.

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  1. How about an OUT LOUD wish of luck?


  2. I too won’t be quiet: GOOD LUCK and congrats on making it to day 52.

  3. Good for you! And Good Luck with the job. I hope to hear good news on Tuesday, and then more about the job.

  4. I was thinking about your smoking thing the other day and was actually going to ask for an update. I’m so glad it’s going well! Good for you!

  5. Best wishes for the new job and a Huge congratulations on making it to day 52!! That is such an accomplishment. And yes, I sleep a lot more since I stopped.

  6. GOOD LUCK and pretty soon you won’t even have to count the days anymore! 🙂

  7. Martha says:

    That’s amazing! best wishes for the job thingy!

  8. I am confident that you will be given the door you want to open.
    Some dreams you want to come true and some dreams you want to keep as dreams.
    This dream is a want to come true dream.
    Try to keep that smile on.

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