my rebuttal…

I attempted to rid the dogs of their winter coats yesterday, while enjoying the sun’s rays on my back. The lawn had tufts of light green grass showing through the old muted brown stubble from last year’s fall shave. This morning, snowflakes the size of communion wafers are raining down, giving us a last mental snapshot of a beautiful white and dark green contrasted day.

“Don’t forget about me. I am Winter and I will be back. You’ll see!”

“Screw off Winter! I’ve had enough of you for the year. You may be pretty with all your snow in December, and having Christmas during you is great and all, but by the time February rolls around, I am so over for you. Get out of here! The Coming of Spring is here and its arrival and even the mere Thought of Summer Sun and Fun totally trumps your measly First Snow Fall Day and your silly little Christmas Morning. The OTHER part of the year is here… the BETTER part!”

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  1. I had a full yard of green/brown grass. It is now full of snow again. Overnight. Winter should be so over.

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