tv time

What’s on tonight, folks?

  • Well, we got The Office newpeat (an hour of repeats cut with deleted scenes and special extras, oh yeah).
  • We got your brand new episode of everyone’s beloved show, Grey’s Anatomy, fresh off post-sweeps hiatus (what a shock to the system that withdrawal is and also oh. my. gosh.)
  • Then we got the debut of October Road. I have high hopes for this show, but not if it’s going to bump Men In Trees off the compass (Men In Trees wins hands down, in my opinion).

This works out perfectly with my plan of lazing around on the couch this evening (so I can cuddle with an ice pack for the third night in a row because the truck door landed firmly on the outer bone of my ankle) (aka The Night I Nearly Lost My Foot). Mwah!

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  1. I won’t tell Hubby that the office was a bunch of stuff we hadn’t really seen before. It looked like a rerun so we switched it off!

    I too love Men in Trees, but it is on so late (here in the East Coast) for us Mom’s that I only catch it if it runs on Friday nights on another channel. Gotta get me some DVR.

  2. Meant to also say, hope your ankle heals up for you!!

  3. I hope your ankle heals quickly. That sort of thing can make life very difficult.

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